“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” -The Dalai Lama

Kindness is all about giving to others. It is about making them feel happy and being there for people when they need comfort or support. When you do a kind deed for someone, they feel good and more connected to you. It matters not whether you do an impressive act of generosity or a simple act of kindness. What matters is that it will make everyone around you happier.

It is always possible to be kind

If you’re searching for the right time and the perfect place for being kind, you will find none. You can just be kind wherever you are and to whoever is around you. In an increasingly cut-throat world where people forget kindness, you must give kindness a chance. Even if you are busy as hell, you can spare a few seconds to thank someone or hold the door for others. Treat kindness as a necessity and not a luxury. Let it be a way of your life.

Ways to practice kindness every day

Kindness is not something you do to get something in return. Doing things for others will both make the person you are being kind to and yourself happier. It is not that hard to be kind. You can start by smiling at someone, saying “please” when making a request, or lending a helping hand when needed. There, it doesn’t take much of your time and energy.

There are many ways you can be kind to others, so let’s start with the small things in life and work our way up from there. You can take some everyday simple actions to develop kindness as a habit and as a way of life. Here are a few ways to be kind:

Listen and understand: Listening is so underrated. People around you will appreciate you more if you listen to what they are saying and understand their sentiments.

Prevent yourself from judging others: It is difficult not to judge those around you. But remember that when you’re judging someone from negatively, it could hurt others feelings and yourself too.

Encourage the best in others: There are moments of self-doubt and insecurity for all of us. So you have to frequently remind those around you of their strengths in case they forget.

The benefits of being kind

If you practice kindness, you often find that you will feel better about yourself and the world around you. It is contagious. Have you noticed that cheerful people are also mostly kind? At the same time, kindhearted people are more likely to be happy. So, it is a never-ending cycle of joy.

Our actions can be significant. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture to make a difference. The little things you do every day can add up to something beautiful. So do your best to show kindness in the way you speak and act. You might just change someone’s life with your words or actions when you least expect it.