“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” -The Dalai Lama

Have you ever had your peace and sleep wrecked by a tiny insect? An insect which you could hardly see or feel in the dark? Remember the times when you were just about to doze off and suddenly that sharp buzz passed by your ears?

During such nights, you can’t deny the impact of little things. The mosquito buzzing around your head can confirm that. Well, you are far bigger than a mosquito. But then, why is the doubt present in your mind? You are doubting your potential, and it’s about time you change that.

The Ripple Effect

When a little drop of rain falls in a still pond, it causes a network of ripples spreading from one ring to another until they cover the entire pond in ripples. To see such undulations emerge from a single drop of water is a sight to behold. You should know that you might as well be that drop of water. The one needed by the pond for the ripples to form. Once you plant a little seed of action, the tree will grow. So, your actions are never too small to not make a difference.

Perseverance And Ambition

If there is a common factor among the people who have ‘succeeded’ in their lives, it is because they never gave up. Their ambition drives them towards success, but it is their perseverance that keeps up the momentum. If you have been feeling run down lately, and spending too much time in bed, it is time for you to get up and start the day afresh.

You can begin by setting immediate goals that can be as simple as spending less time in bed, taking a shower, or making a sandwich. But don’t underestimate those goals thinking that they are too simple to make a difference. Soon, these short-term goals will become a part of your long-term goal. The things you want to achieve in life are like the ripples in the pond, and your fulfilling your first goal is the little drop of water needed to start the waves.

Making A Difference

Whether it is small or big, a difference is a difference. Its scope does not matter in the grand scheme of things. You don’t have to be someone who cures cancer to make a difference. If you simply make someone else’s day better by being kind, you made a difference. If you could make just one difference every day in your lifetime, the number would be difficult to keep count of. So, a little buzz is all you need to create.