“Everybody seeks happiness, joyfulness, but from outside — from money, from power, from big car, from big house. Ultimate source of happy life, even physical health, [is] inside, not outside.”- Dalai Lama

A sensation of immense pleasure and delight is defined as joy. It is critical to live a happy life. When we are happy, we are not only physically and emotionally healthier, but we are also better people. We are more sympathetic towards others and can fully celebrate life when we are authentically happy because we recognize the joy and beauty in our own lives. We no longer rely on other people or things to make us happy.

Unfortunately, many people fail to develop their own happiness and joy because they don’t value their own pleasure or because they don’t know where to start. Here are five fantastic ideas to make every day more joyful

Take Small Steps to Overcome Your Fears

The ability to overcome fear is one of the most significant factors preventing people from experiencing genuine joy. Dread is hard-wired in all creatures to protect them from danger, but it can be difficult to tell the difference between real and fake fear because many of us read them the same way. Increased anxiety, decreased productivity, and serious interpersonal setbacks are just a few of the consequences of fear.

One technique to overcome fear is to declare consciously that you will no longer allow fear to rule your life. You will no longer let your fear of speaking in front of a group of coworkers or peers to stop you. You won’t let fear stop you from attaining goals you’ve always thought were unattainable. You won’t let fear prevent you from taking your relationship to the next level. Get out of your head about whatever it is that is preventing you from achieving your goals. It’s yours if you declare it.

Reframe the Way You See Setbacks

Setbacks are another key factor that prevents people from experiencing genuine joy. A setback could be not being accepted into the school you wanted, not receiving the loan you thought you’d be approved for, or even a minor daily life stumbling block – anything that slows or stops development.

People regard losses as a representation of their own failure, which is why they sabotage. They believe they were not accepted into the school of their choice because they were not intellectual or involved enough, deeming them a failure. They were unable to obtain the loan they desired due to their poor credit, which deems them a failure. We are not, however, failures as a result of our circumstances. We are much more than our misfortunes. Remember that your setback serves as a springboard for your comeback.

Strive to Increase Your Self-Confidence

Many people struggle with self-confidence and are unaware why. They simply know that when they are in the company of others, they feel uneasy, and this makes them uncomfortable. The inability to perceive beauty in yourself, your place in life, your educational status, and your lack of wealth, among other factors, can all contribute to a lack of confidence.

When you’re unhappy with yourself, it’s impossible to be authentically joyful and find joy. When you stop listening to the voices in your head that are seeking to sabotage you and accept that you are a valuable person, you will create your own self-confidence. If you try something and fail, don’t let it discourage you; what you didn’t succeed at today, you can try again tomorrow.

Let Go of Jealousy and Envy

Too many people lack genuine happiness because they judge happiness based on the lives they assume others are leading, leading to feelings of jealousy or resentment. Envy is defined as a dissatisfied or angry craving provoked by another person’s assets or attributes.

They believe that enjoyment is derived from external factors such as other people’s positions, their successful friend’s appearance, their favorite celebrity’s lifestyle, or even the new car speeding past them on the highway. They believe that if they only had more, they would be happy. Happiness, on the other hand, is derived from the totality of our being. We are adequate not because of what we possess, but because of the lives we live.

Spend Quality Time With Family and Friends

Numerous studies have shown the importance of spending quality time with family and friends. In this day and age, it can be quite tough to carve out time in our hectic schedules for anything extra.

When our lives take up so much of our time that we can’t make time for the people who matter most to us, it’s time to look inward. Making family time a priority is an awesome way to squeeze more joy out of every day. It will not only enhance your family ties and friendships, but it will also aid in the creation of happy memories. Make it a point to spend time with your family, whether it’s at mealtime or on family outings. It’s the same with your friendships.

Joy is one of the most crucial aspects of your existence. It has the potential to alter both our emotions and our health for the better. Surrounding yourself with others who are similarly joyful is one of the best things you can do if you want to be more joyful. You will be worn down if you spend time with people who do not exude joy. It’s equally crucial to nurture happiness in your own life. Try these five things starting today and see how they affect your happiness. We think you’ll be very pleased with the results.