“Every day, think as you wake up: Today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it.” Dalai Lama

Everybody has bad days. Maybe we are delayed in a traffic jam on our way to work, have an “intense” argument with a grouchy friend, or have a serious problem with a customer delivery.

Bad days happen for a variety of reasons. We may, however, choose how we respond to them.

One option is to ruminate on the issue and carry our unpleasant emotions with us all day. However, this is upsetting, and our feelings are likely to spread to others. Instead, we can take charge and find creative methods to improve a bad day.

This is a healthy and empowering option that puts us in charge of our feelings and behaviors. And helps ensure we can appreciate every day, as the Dalai Lama instructs in the quote above.

Here are things you can do to make a bad day a better day:

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

If your bad day relates to a mistake you’ve made – and they often do – beating yourself up about it is only going to make things worse. When you’ve just realized you’ve made a mistake, it’s easy to berate yourself. But we all make mistakes, and the only way to truly learn about life and what works for you is to make them. Your day—and your life—will be better if you learn from your mistakes and embrace them.

Accept that You Are Having a Bad Day

Put things into perspective by reminding yourself that you’ve experienced days like this before and that things normally get better. Knowing that whatever is going on is only transitory can help you deal with it in a healthier, more positive way.

Breathe In Some Fresh Air

If you can go for a walk or simply sit in the sun, do so. An breath of fresh air can make you feel less anxious or depressed. When we’re irritated, we tend to hold our breath for longer than we should, so remember to take deep breaths in and out. Relaxing and focusing on your breathing will only improve the situation, whatever it is.

Look for the Beauty in Your Surroundings

When you’re overwhelmed, agitated, or depressed, it can be difficult to appreciate the golden light of a sunset or a stunning vista. If you can’t get out into nature, go to a museum or art gallery, or even the mall or a parking lot—just to look—to bring some light into your life.

Beauty, in many forms, is all around us, even in the eyes of your partner, kids or pets. Take the time to find it, appreciate it, and this will help the worst of your bad day begin to slip away.

Can’t even get away from your desk? Dig into your camera roll/social media profiles on your next break and spend s few minutes looking at pictures that make you smile, and can remind you that whatever else is going on today you have a lot to be happy and grateful about.

Just Move

If you can get out of your office/living room, get out and get moving. Any type of workout will suffice. Lift weights, play tennis, or go for a quick walk. Get your heart rate up and your lungs moving. Endorphins are released when you exercise. You’re bound to have a more positive outlook on your day if you don’t overdo it by the time you are done.

Use Music to Uplift You

You already know which tune brings a smile to your face. Listen to it and sing along. In fact, put together a playlist of such songs that you can listen to whenever you want. Keep them close at hand and on your phone, so you can tap into their mood-altering potential no matter where you are.

Take a Shower

Just got home after your bad day? Head right to the bathroom and allow yourself a fifteen-minute shower to start washing it away and reset your thinking and mood. Change your mood by using your sense of touch.

It makes no difference whether the water is hot or cold. The feel of water on your skin has the power to alter your attitude and outlook. It will undoubtedly jolt you out of any negative thoughts at the very least and also give you time to think free of distraction.

Allow Yourself a Treat

A difficult day isn’t an excuse to eat multiple candy bars, but a few little pieces could help you get through it. Healthy snacks are beneficial because they give your body the nutrition it needs while also calling your attention to your sense of taste, which can help you shift your mood back to a more positive one.

Make One Little Improvement to Your Home

Move a picture (or hang one), pull weeds, or simply make a repair. If you are unable to complete the task on your own, get help. This will make you feel better as well as provide you with someone with whom you can chat for a while too, which will also help that bad day start to melt away.

Give Yourself a Night at the Movies

It makes no difference whether you go out or stay in. It’s all about giving yourself something to enjoy. It’s useful to have something to occupy your time, get you out of your thoughts, and away from your problems, even only for a little while. Even on a terrible day, it’s a nice way to end the day. Hopefully, when you wake up, you’ll have a more positive outlook on things.