“Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.” -The Dalai Lama

Change is bit scary but it is inevitable. No one looks forward to change but they will barge their way in no matter what. So why fight it when you can embrace it?

Maybe you are fighting it because you feel uneasy with the changes in your life right now. Maybe things are moving in the direction you never expected, and that scares you. You want nothing to change and you long for the comfort that comes with familiarity. Well, you should know that comfort will come back to you once you become familiar with change. You just have to welcome it first.

Be Welcoming

When an unexpected guest shows up at your door, would you rather chase him away, or would you welcome him into your home? For most of us, being welcoming is the sure option. You can apply the same logic when change confronts you.

Think of change as your long-lost friend, the one you haven’t seen in a while. It knocks on your life, uninvited, looking for a place to stay. You can either open the door and welcome it into your life or close the door in its face. Here’s a little tip; shutting the door won’t keep it out. So you can do the only rational thing by opening your arms to change instead of keeping it at bay.

Cling To Your Morals

Making room for new things in your life doesn’t mean letting go of your old belongings. You may move into new homes, but the old furniture still finds its way there. The table that stood in your living room for ages would still be there when your new couch joins in. You can adjust the two together.

The morals you follow define your life. If you value family and friends, you are a stand-up person surrounded by love. If you believe in working hard for your goals, you are a determined individual. If you are compassionate, you are a virtuous person. Maybe you are all of these. If you are, you hold on to it.

Don’t Forget Your Seat Belts

The road of change is unpaved and full of bumps, and somewhere along the journey, it might be tempting to free yourself of the morals that seem to get heavier by the day. If such a time comes, don’t take the easier way of letting them go. You cling harder to them. Your morals might be the ones pulling you back when you fall. In a car fueled by change, your values are the seat belts protecting you from any harm. And whenever you are ready, you can step on the pedal of change. Just remember to buckle your seatbelts and hold on tight.