“Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.” -The Dalai Lama

You have just lost out on the thing you were chasing for a while. Perhaps the interview for your dream job did not go well, or the university you had aspired to join sent out a letter that began with the dreaded “we regret to inform you”, or maybe you just had a rough day.

Feeling dejected, you are now pondering if your days will get any better. The silver lining in the clouds seems to be fading, and you want to be hopeful, but you don’t have much energy left. If you feel stuck in this bleak limbo, you are not alone. And it’s time for us to have a little chat.

Blessings in disguise

A lot of us believe that an ideal life would mean getting what we want. You imagine it would feel like the very boost to give you a head start on the perfect life. However, getting your first foot in the door doesn’t always follow the foolproof blueprint you have in your mind.

Sometimes, you might step into the wrong room, and yet the timing may just be right. Someday, that very wrong room could lead you to a better door. But right now, you might feel strange in this room, and you lament the lost opportunity. But could it be luck? Could better things be waiting for you? You just have to wait to find out.

The endless possibilities to consider.

The question no one wants to ask is ‘what if’ because these two words can unleash a string of possibilities we do not want to consider. But ask yourself this question today – what if everything you wanted was not the key to your perfect life? What if your dream job turns out to be dreadful or leads you in the direction you don’t want to go to? What if you are meant for better things? You won’t find the answers to these queries if you give up just now.

So, let’s ask other questions. What if your current unwanted situation eventually leads you to the right path you didn’t even know existed? What if it gives you the life you didn’t know you wanted? Well, in that case, wait and see what happens. For all you know, maybe the school you didn’t get into would make you choose another school, where you find your career and love. You can take the “wrong” path and end up at the right destination.

Seize the moment

While you are waiting for the stroke of luck to appear, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself busy. The day may seem ordinary, but it is bursting with potential and opportunities for you to explore if you look close enough. Do something new for a change, even if it’s something as mundane as checking out that new series on Netflix everyone’s talking about. Just seize the day and, who knows, you might not have to wait much longer anymore.