Oftentimes in life, we find that our life roads diverge into vastly different directions. More often than not we have a preference of how we would like the universe to swing things our way.

We might like to believe that we know exactly what will bring us happiness. The question is – are we always right about our preconceived ideas of happiness and fulfilment.

The thing is – the plot doesn’t always play out the way we envision. But sometimes not getting what you thought you wanted is for a very good reason.

Your intended purpose is greater

The chances are – you are intended to receive something far greater. Or what you might think you want is simply not meant for you. And that is perfectly okay!

Instead, this diverged road will lead you to your greater destiny and intended purpose. Ultimately, ensuring your true happiness as opposed to a preconceived idea of what this happiness embodies or might look like.

The issue is this…

We set our hearts and minds on this preconceived happiness instead of trusting the universe to bring forth far greater and far better things. As a result, we almost rob ourselves of happiness that is deservingly ours.

We need to trust the process!

Equally important, we need to gracefully let go of things that are not meant for us. By living in the moment we allow ourselves to reach a greater connection with our intended purpose. The universe has far greater things in store for you as you will soon realize.

Embrace the unknown

Accepting that you might not always get what you want is a master mindset to adopt and it will help you leap forward into every opportunity presented to you, which will without a doubt enrich your life. Try meditation to get rid of anxiety and embrace the unknown.

In the end… it all works out exactly as it should!