“The challenge today is to convince people of the value of truth, honesty, compassion, and a concern for others.” -The Dalai Lama

Society these days have changed to suit a more individualistic form of lifestyle. We live in the same apartment building and rarely know our neighbors across the hall. The community commends us for minding our businesses and rebukes us for “interfering” in the lives of others when we show the slightest concern to strangers. That has become the norm.

But what we deem normal may not always be the righteous way of living. We can surely do better than that. It is time to go above and beyond what the basic minimum demands. The change has to come from within, starting with you and every single one of us.

Remembering your values

Let’s say you are a very busy person trying to run towards your goals, and you had to make a few decisions you never expected to make. Maybe those actions defy your moral code, and you hardly had a choice, or maybe you had your options, but your values had left you. Well, whichever it is, it’s time for you to call upon your morals.

Once upon a time, you were a little kid who believed in the value of truth and kindness. You were someone who cared for your family and friends. But as you become older and see how the world works, your regard for others slips away. And it is not your fault. We all forget things once in a while, but we can also remember them.

When you see little kids being their curious selves and asking unexpected questions, it reminds you of the innocence you once had. When you come across random acts of kindness by strangers you never expected anything from, you start to question your behavior. Even those rare moments in the news, when good wins over bad, revive your hope in people. But don’t just rely on reminders to hit you at sporadic moments. You have to remember your values at all times.

Preserving the lost touch

Nowadays the value of truth is losing its touch. The more you progress in material life, the more out of touch with spirituality you become. When getting ahead of others drives your world, it is safe to say your morals are left behind, unable to catch up. But if you are wise enough, you will find there is always a way to bring them with you.

You have to hold on to the qualities which make you human, and preserve your humanity. Even if no one around you does that, it’s the least you can do. Raise the bar of kindness wherever you live, and let your honesty and concern shine through.