“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow. Today is the right day to love, believe, do, and mostly live.” – The Dalai Lama

You cannot go back in time, or go forward in the future. Life isn’t a movie where you can rewind the scenes you want to relive and skip the ones you don’t want to experience. You only get one chance to live it. And if you think about it, that makes our lives so much more precious. So the question is, when should you be living? Well, surely not yesterday or tomorrow, you can only live in the present.

Let go of the ghosts of your past

For many of us, we are too busy regretting what we did yesterday to live in the present. You often spend your days obsessing over the past, even when you cannot go back in time and change it. Maybe you argued with your coworker yesterday, and now you wish you hadn’t. You want to avoid her today but you don’t feel too right about it, and it’s eating away at you. You’re losing focus on your work, and you also can’t focus on things which are happening today. Why? Because you are still living in ‘yesterday’.

So, don’t you think you are punishing your present self for something done by your past self? Aren’t you being a bit harsh on yourself? If you think you are, it’s time for you to have a little compassion for yourself. Apologize to your coworker if you feel it was your fault, and even if it wasn’t, you can sort things out with her and carry on with your day. If nothing comes out of talking, well, at least you tried.

When the ghosts of your past haunt you, now is the time to let go of them. If you think the mistakes you made are too grave to be forgiven, you couldn’t be more wrong. There is no harm in forgiving yourself. Only after forgiving can you truly move on.

Tomorrow never comes

You wait for tomorrow to come, but it never really does. You trick yourself into believing that waiting will pay off and the right time will come knocking. But then, it doesn’t happen. What you don’t realize is that you should be the one to open the door to tomorrow. And you can do that by living fully at the moment. In this way, you are walking towards the future instead of waiting for it to come to you.

If you are looking for a time to change your ways, you can do it today. The perfect time you have been searching for is now. Whether you want to read a new book, catch up with your old friends, or cook your own food instead of ordering takeout, do it now. You can do anything, all the yesterdays and tomorrows don’t matter. You can start living, loving, and believing again. And today is the day for you to do so.