“When you realize you’ve made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.” -The Dalai Lama

Making a mistake does not make you a failure, but failing to correct that mistake might make you one. This quote by the renowned spiritual leader is here to remind you of that. We have all made mistakes at various points in our lives. No one in this world is free of mistakes. So, don’t let it surprise you when you make one. It is the way of life.

Realizing The Mistake

Whenever we are doing something wrong at the moment, our actions seem rational and justified to us. But this feeling does not last long, and regret usually follows it. You never comprehend your mistakes while you are making them, you only realize them afterwards. Wouldn’t things be so much easier if the realization came before your actions?

If you realize your mistake, even if it was made ages ago, you can still take immediate actions to correct it. There is always time and room for good deeds. After all, its better to be late than never correcting it.

Correcting The Wrongs

Let’s say that you are writing an important exam of your semester, and halfway through your answer, you realize the question was asking something else. What would you do? You would instantly erase the incorrect answer and write the actual answer the question demands. When such things happen, correcting the wrong answer seems to be the most rational thing to do. And you waste no time in doing that.

So, just like you are always ready to correct your answers during exams, you should also be ready to correct the mistakes you make in your life. Your life is much more significant than any exams you would take. Whether the mistakes are small or big, you will only feel better once you make up for them.

Learning The Lessons

Every time you make a mistake, you learn a new lesson. You learn that picking yourself up after falling is all that counts. And you become wise enough to not repeat it. Sure, making a mistake and correcting it doesn’t seem so pleasant. You might even feel defeated and unable to go on.

In those dark times, the shadows may try to overcome you. But don’t let them in, fight harder to get out. You can do it, and once you come out into the light, the darkness won’t be there anymore. Make correcting your mistakes a part of your life and this way, things wont seem so difficult anymore. .